Neoclassical Licks - Page 1

Lick 1

Neoclassical Lick 1 - guitar tablature

Pretty easy to perform lick, at the end I bend the string at the 16th fret till it reaches the 17th fret's pitch (half note bend)

Lick 2

Neoclassical Lick 2 - guitar tablature

This lick has a smell of old-world. The second time it is played with palm muting in the video, in order to do so keep the edge of your palm of the picking hand touching the strings at the bridge.

Lick 3

Neoclassical Lick 3 - guitar tablature

A typical neoclassically sounding passage. The scale used is A harmonic minor. The half tone bend and vibrato at at the end adds some dramatic sensation to it.

Lick 4

Neoclassical Lick 4 - guitar tablature

As you see this lick is straightforward. The notes at the 12th, 13th, 16th, and 17th fret especially contribute to the neoclassic spirit. Also, these notes can be used to create solos colored in middle eastern or"Egyptian" way.

Lick 5

Neoclassical Lick 5 - guitar tablature

I begin this lick with the sliding from the 10th fret.

Next I go down the Am harmonic scale, by two notes at a step in a reversed fashion - the second note in the step located higher on the scale than the first one, it's like going back and looking in the front.

And I end the descending move by simultaneously stroking the two notes at the 14th fret on the 3rd and 4th string and applying vibrato to them, it gives a bit of "buzz" to the melody.

I finish up the lick with the "emotional" note at the 16th fret on the 1st string that I pick with the rake, instantly perform the half-tone bend to the 17th fret and vibrate the string.