Guitar Licks - Page 3

Lick 11

A cool guitar groove in the style of rock. It fits in with almost any rock song and nicely connects with other elements of a guitar solo.

Lick 11 (groovie) - guitar tablature

A few things about performing this lick:

Each 2nd note in the segment is played by the hammer on, the 3rd and 4th are picked with the plectrum while palm muting the strings.

To press the two strings down simultaneously you can use your single ring finger if it's more comfortable for you.

Add artificial harmonics where you see fit, I added them to the string bend and to the next note after it.

As you see in the video, when I play along with the jam track, after the lick is finished I continue playing the improvisation consisting of just the two simultaneous notes at the 7th and after that at the 5th fret, on the 3rd and the 4th string.

Sometimes playing a couple of notes with an interesting rhythm introduces some cool phrasing. I deliberately played my improvisational piece a very little out of the beat (with a very short delay relative to the drum track) to create accentuation.

Lick 12 - Little Guitar Solo

Lick 12 (little swift solo) - guitar tablature

This soloing begins with the pretty fast sequence that I play twice, first note in it is picked by the pick (at the 8th fret on the 1st string), and all the subsequent notes are played by hammer ons and pull offs that make it much easier to play quickly.

Lick 13

Lick 13 (Cool Classic Rock Lick) - guitar tablature

The main part of the lick consists of four identical pieces that played like this:

  • I downpick the first note at the 12th fret on the 2nd string
  • Hammer on at the 15th fret
  • Pull off back to the 12th fret
  • Pick the 3rd string at the 14th fret with the upstroke and bend the string for half a tone.

Note: to get more appropriate sound, experiment with the different pickup switch positions.

Usually, the pickup closest to the fingerboard captures milder classic rock and bluesy shades of the tone. While the one closest to the bridge, more edgy and sharper sound. With the bridge pickup though, it is easier to get harmonics.

Lick 14

Just take your guitar and enjoy, even if you are a complete beginner:

Lick 14 (Tasty Phrase) - guitar tablature

The main feature of this lick is performing whammy bar dips on a few notes where it is really feels right. A big amount of the delay or/and reverb effect provides kinda spacious and singing qualities to the guitar sound.

Video Example

After I pick the 2nd and 4th note, I let them sound a little and slightly push the vibrato bar down, and immediately release it.

The note inside the brackets in the middle of the lick is very short (it is called a 'ghost note'), after I pick it down, I immediately slide the finger to the 17th fret - the string rings out of the sliding no need to pick it with the plectrum, and pull off to the 14th fret.

Using the finger sliding and the pull off makes the job easier for the picking hand.

I let the last note in the lick sound for some time while performing a series of whammy bar dips.

Lick 15

Lick 15 - guitar tablature

Note that there is no alternate picking in the phrase. the four-note pattern on each string is played as follows:
downstroke - hammer on - downstroke - upstroke

I used palm muting on the lower strings in the video.