Guitar Tricks for Electric Guitar

Trick 1 - Gear Switching Emulation on an Electric Guitar


  1. Play a pull off to any open lower string (I used the 5th one in the video) and immediately deeply dive the vibrato arm.
  2. Begin to release the lever very slowly about half of the way, then quickly dive it again with a bit less amount of pressure, and release it again but this time somewhere higher than with the previous releasing.
  3. Continue this circle of diving and releasing "switching your gears higher and higher".

Trick 2 - Dirty Slide (Motorized Saw's Noise)

This sliding effect doesn't have any concrete pitch height or placement.

Performing the effect:

1. Place the tip of your index finger of the picking hand on any of the lower strings at any fret near the guitar head.

2. With your fretting hand, perform a pull off on the same string from any fret that is higher on the fingerboard than the spot where your picking hand's finger stays. (like in cross hand tapping position).

3. Immediately slide the picking hand along the fingerboard towards about 12th - 20th fret and without pausing glide back to the guitar head.

Experiment with the speed and acceleration to get a desirable sound.

This trick perfectly fits with single power chords. First goes the dirty slide and while the picking hand moves around you prepare your fretting hand for striking a chord. When the picking hand returns back to the guitar head it strokes the chord with the pick.

Watch video example

Another "noisy" trick you can add to your toolbox is the 'Pick Scrape'. You can learn how to do it in this tutorial.

Trick 3 - Vibrato Bar Dive and Return to a Power Chord

A guitar tab for Diving the Whammy Bar


Make any string ring by a pull off, the trick sounds espessialy cool with lower strings (I played it on the open 6th string).

Deeply dive the vibrato arm (with a lower string you'll get more a motorcycle roaring like sound).

Release the vibrato arm and at the end of releasing play a power chord only by the hammer on technique. (I played the G5 chord in the video).

The picking hand doesn't make any picking here and remains on the lever all the time making this trick incredible easy to perform, you also can add some vibrato to the power chord by shaking the lever or a series of dips.

Trick 4 - Long Release of a Bent String

A guitar tab for Tasty Bent String Releasing Trick

I start off by playing two notes simultaneously, one at the 5th fret on the 2nd string and the other at the 7th fret on the 3rd string.

Next I bend the latter up for one tone and it creates somewhat harsh sound until the both strings begin to sing in unison.

After that, I slowly unbend the string while striking it with the plectrum multiple times, and play an artificial harmonic at the 5th fret on the 3rd string.

Trick 5 - Fast Chromatic Climb to a Note by Pick Tapping

Here I move the fretting hand along the guitar neck while the 1st string is being pressed by the middle finger (the index finger lays down across all the strings touching them to prevent unwanted noise).

At the same time I move my picking hand in the same direction about 2 frets higher from the other while it pats the 1st string by the side of the pick.

When I arrive to a note I want to be sung, I pick the string with the plectrum and vibrate it.

Trick 6 - Chinese Slides (a series of long slide and note bundles)

To perform the "Chinese Slides" do the following:

Before playing a note, make a fast slide into it from any place on the fingerboard that is more or less distant.

It has a better aural effect when played using notes of a pentatonic scale.

Trick 7 - Using Nails for String Bending

To make those weird sounds, play any progression in a loop with your fretting hand using the hammer on and pull off technique, and at the same time lift and release the string using the nails on you picking hand behind the fretting one as I did in the video.

I find it is easier to use the nails of the index, middle, and ring finger simultaneously.

Actually you can make the same sounds using the whammy bar as well, but doing it like this, with the cross hand position looks more interesting and unique.

Trick 8 - Acquiring a "Cut-Off" Sound Effect

Cut-Off filtering is often used in trance music.

It is very easy to get this sound to play guitar trance without any special equipment, all you need is a wah-wah effect (not an auto-wah) that is included in almost any guitar effects proccessor.

Simply play your "acidic loop" and slowly encrease and decrease the wah effect.