Guitar Licks - Page 5

Lick 21

Lick 21 (Sophisticated Beatiful Phrase) - guitar tablature

This lick is a perfect building material in ballad improvisation.

To make it match the key your jam track in, shift the lick up or down around the frets. For example for the A minor key play it two frets lower (beginning from the 12th fret); if you play in E minor, shift it five frets higher (beginning from the 19th fret)

When I performed sliding I didn't pick the string, instead the sliding made it ring, this helped to achieve smoother sound.

Lick 22 - Ballad Style

Lick 22 (well suited for Ballad)- guitar tablature

I begin this lick with the tasty rake that turns to the bend and return.

The lush delay effect makes all the notes in the lick sound smoothly. At the end of the lick I take very short note at the 12th fret on the 4th string and slide to the 14th fret without picking (legato-sliding technique).

Lick 23 - Slow Tapping

Lick 23 (Slow Tapping) - guitar tablature

The whole lick I play exclusively by tapping. Using the long delay effect makes a very smooth and relaxing sound.

Only one finger on each hand is used here. The pattern looks like this:

First I play the hammer on with the fretting hand, after this the finger of the picking hand taps and holds the next note; while it does so, the fretting hand goes to the next position, when it arrives the picking hand performs the pull off to the fret where the fretting hand already presses the string and so on...

I end up the lick with the long vibrating note.

Lick 24 - Around Blues Scale

Lick 24 (Around Blues Scale) - guitar tablature

This lick or rather riff is straightforward and easy to play. Here, all but the note on the 4th string at the 6th fret are withing the A minor blues scale. And this out of the scale note perfectly fits into the whole rock-blues picture.

Lick 25

This lick is a powerful tool when you want to attract attention and nicely fits as an intro or a bridge for a composition before a new rhythmic set.

It requires a bit of practice but actually really easy to perform. All explanations are inside the video below.

Key: Am
   N.H.          ~~~
G)--5--- power --------------------------------------
D)------ slide --2-----------------------------------
A few extra guitar licks and tricks that fit together, resulting in a quite impressive solo.