Lesson 5 - Vibrating String Bends

This lesson is a follow-up of the previous one - String Bending

Watch and listen to a few examples where I bend and vibrate the strings:

To do this, perform a string bend and when you reach the desirable pitch, start vibrating the bent string by moving the fingers up and down.

Although it sounds easy, some practice is needed to make it well. In the beginning slowly vibrate a bent string to get a better feel of it.

When you feel you gained some control over the vibrating, slowly, slowly increase its frequency.

As I said in the previous lesson I find it more comfortable to use the ring finger along with assistance of the middle one to bend a string. You might also use the help of the index finger for extra support.

Guitar Licks - Exercises

Lick 1
Vibrating bent string - exercise 1 (guitar tablature)
Lick 2
Vibrating bent string - exercise 2 (guitar tablature)
Lick 2. This lick is identical to the lick 1 from the previous lesson, except the last note, where you vibrate the bent string.
Lick 3
Vibrating bent string - exercise 3 (guitar tablature)
Lick 4
Vibrating bent string - exercise 4 (guitar tablature)

Pre-bend and Release

Sometimes you'll see abbreviations like PB, BD and a lower case 'r' letter in guitar tabs:

  • PB stays for "pre-bend"
  • BD for "bend down"
  • the lower case 'r' for "release" (the same thing as BD)

To perform a pre-bend, quietly (without picking) bend a string to a desirable pitch and after that stroke it with the plectrum.

Usually after a "pre-bend" goes a "bend-down" (release) where you unbend a string returning it to a regular state.

Watch this video example:

Here you can see an example of how pre-bends and releases can be used in guitar soloing.

Bending and Double Stops

A double stop means playing two notes simultaneously. Playing them with the string bending produces some interesting results:

Here I performed a bend at the 14th fret on the 3rd string and a "plain" note at the 15th fret on the 2nd string by pressing it with the 4th - pinky finger.

Guitar Bending Exercise Tablature - Double Stop

At the end of the video I shifted my fretting hand to the 7th fret.

The picking hand strikes both strings simultaneously with a downstroke.

Here is a lick that contains a few kinds of bending - double stop, regular and with vibrato:

String bending and vibrato - double stop lick (guitar tablature)

Guitar Solo

In key of Bm
Vibrating String Bends Solo - Guitar Tablature

The first time I play the solo as it's written in the tab, when going the second round I start to improvise around the melody.

Backing track

This backing I called "Autumn Feelings" because it reminded me of Autumn while I was composing and listening to it.

You can download the track in: ogg and mp3 format.