Neoclassical Licks - Page 2

Lick 6

Neoclassical Lick 6 - guitar tablature

The lick begins with the sliding the finger down to the note at the 5th fret from any upper fret.

The main passage is a move up in "four notes in a step stairway", each note of which is laid within the A harmonic minor scale played by alternate picking.

At the end of the lick I perform artificial harmonic at the 7th fret on the 4th string, vibrate it and slide the finger down the fingerboard.

Lick 7

Neoclassical Lick 7 - guitar tablature

This lick also consists of notes belonging to the A minor natural scale.

I only use the plectrum to pick each first note on each string, the following notes are played by the hammer on and the finger sliding technique.

Lick 8

A harmonic minor
Neoclassical Lick 8 - guitar tablature

The main part of the lick I go up towards the guitar bridge playing "one note down, two notes up" sequence. Because every even note is on the open string this part is easier to play quickly.

At the end of the lick I play the series of hammer on/pull off notes that bring a bit of pentatonic sounding and perform the full bend at the 20th fret on the 2nd string.

If you are a beginner player, check out a few professionally made short guitar video courses that include guitar positioning, warm-ups, and jamming around open position minor pentatonic.

Lick 9

Neoclassical Lick 9 - guitar tablature

The feature of this lick is the pausing between each four note group withing a bar, this rhythmical image creates kind of "action".

Note that there's no pausing between the last group of four notes in one bar and the first one in the next.

In the main body of the lick I use sixteenth notes (4 notes per beat), while duration for the pauses are equal to the two sixteenth notes. Just listen to the demo a few times to better understand the rhythm.

And just in case if you're interested the backing track's chord progression is:

	Am x 2 bars ⇒ F x 2 bars

Lick 10

Neoclassical Lick 10 - guitar tablature