Guitar Licks - Page 4

Lick 16

Lick 16 - guitar tablature

The special thing about this guitar lick is that it sounds impulsing. This is done in the following way for every bar:

  • A sequence of two sixteenth notes and a sixteenth rest is repeated four times,
  • next goes a series of four sixteenth notes one after another without pausing.
This is a schematic representation:
|-- -- -- -- ----|

Lick 17 - Dreamy Pre-Bending

Lick 17 (Abstractive Pre-Bend) - guitar tablature
In order to perform the Dreamy Pre-Bend and Release effect do the following:
  1. Silently bend the string without picking it (this is called pre-bending)
  2. While the bend is being held, pick the string with the plectrum and begin to release it SLOWLY.

Instead of lifting a note as with a normal bend, with a 'pre-bend and release' it is vice versa, we reduce the pitch.

With the Dreamy Pre-Bends, the exact pitch from where you start releasing the strings is often not important. The important thing is to arrive to the note that fits well with the key of your melody.

This lick I played in the D minor key.

Lick 18 - Blues-Rock Style

Lick 18 - guitar tablature

You can play this blues guitar lick along accompaniment in either E minor or G major key.

After the hammer on and pull off going after the first note, I perform the artificial harmonic on the micro bend (about ¼ of a tone).

The last note at the 10th fret on the 1st string is picked using the rake technique and turned to a full bend with the vibrato.

Lick 19

Lick 19 - guitar tablature

A pretty dramatic phrase, huh?

Here is the recipe:

In the beginning there are two alternate "weeping" bends. The arrows in the tablature tell you how their pitch shifts:

upwards → downwards → upwards → stays still → slowly moves downwards.

After the bends I pick the note at the 12th fret on the 3rd string (you can add vibrato to it to your taste), and moment later I take another note one octave higher, at the 15th fret on the 1st string while letting the previous one sound, so they sing together.

Next I perform the whammy bar diving for both those notes.

For more comfort, the last note in the lick you can pluck with the ring finger of the picking hand instead of the plectrum.

Lick 20 - Melodic Tapping in Natural Am

Lick 20 - guitar tablature

Very easy to perform solo lick.

Here my left hand doesn't move and only plays two sequential notes at the 5th and the 8th fret while the right hand goes from the 12th to the 14th and after to the 15th fret and back.

When I play the same thing second time, I go back from the 15th fret to the 14th and after that jump to the 17th fret (the A note) and keep it ringing for some time.

The notes I used here are triplet notes. The duration of three triplet notes are equal to two normal notes. In this pattern were used eighth triplet notes. That means the duration of the three 8th triplet notes are equal to two 8th notes.