Lead Guitar Lessons for Beginners

In the following lessons you'll find everything you need to begin playing solos on your electric guitar, including exercises, licks guitar tabs, and video examples.

The lessons are organized sequentially, if you are a complete newbie, begin from the start, otherwise you can use them as a reference.

Essential Information For a Complete Beginner
Electric guitar structure, fret and finger numbering, string names, introduction to alternative music notation - guitar tablature
Lesson 1 - Fretting Hand
Here you'll learn about guitar positioning, hammer on and pull off legato technique, and finish up the lesson by playing a simple guitar solo along with a backing track using only the fretting hand.
Lesson 2 - Picking Hand
On this page you'll learn how to pick the strings using a straightforward downpicking technique, combine it with the hammer on and pull off from the previous lesson, improvise around a jam track, and location of the A minor pentatonic scale on the fingerboard.
Lesson 3 - Guitar Vibrato
Vibrato is an essential technique that gives "singing" quality to long lasting notes, here I've put a set of exercises that sound quite musical and can be considered guitar licks. At the bottom of the page there is a guitar solo and a jam track.
Lesson 4 - String Bending
Bending a ringing string allows gradually elevate its pitch, creating a nice sound effect that will make your playing more interesting. Here you'll find a set of licks to practice and a guitar solo.
Lesson 5 - Vibrating String Bends
This lesson is a follow-up of the previous two. Performing vibrato on a bent string sounds quite well, here you'll also learn how to perform pre-bending and double stops. There is a guitar solo along with its jam track at the end of the page.
Lesson 6 - the Basics of Alternate Picking
Downpicking is a simple and reliable technique, but when you need to play something speedy, alternate picking comes in handy, it allows to bite a string twice where the downpicking does only once. On this page you'll also find a short guitar solo with an accompanying jam track.
Lesson 7 - Hand Synchronization
The exercises in this lesson are aimed to help you with the hand syncing as well as make the fingers of your fretting hand move in more thoughtful way.
Lesson 8 - More Exercises for Alternate Picking
The exercises and licks on this page are mainly focused to improve your playing at the moments when your fingers leap around adjacent strings.
Lesson 9 - Two-Handed Tapping
This method of playing involves hammer on and pull off technique for both of your hands, it allows to achieve high playing speeds quite easily.
Lesson 10 - Use Vibrato Arm to Spice Up Your Guitar Playing
In this short lesson I show you how to perform basic whammy bar tricks dip and dive.