Guitar Licks - Page 2

Lick 6

Lick 6 - guitar tablature

The main piece is played with the triplet notes by alternate picking.

When there are two notes at the same fret on different strings I press them down by the index finger crossing both the strings (little barre) and pushing only a certain part of the finger when necessary.

At the end I play the note at the 15th fret on the 1st string, immediately slide the finger to the 17th fret, vibrate the sting, and slide the hand towards the headstock.

Lick 7

Lick 7 - guitar tablature

This lick is played by alternate picking around the Am pentatonic. At the last note I bend the string one tone higher and vibrate it.

Lick 8

version 1

Am (C)
Lick 8, variant 1 - guitar tablature

version 2

Lick 8, variant 2 - guitar tablature

The notes within the brackets are picked by the plectrum and the instantly sliding finger of the fretting hand makes the note at the 10th fret sound without need for picking.

Lick 9

Am (C)
Lick 9 - guitar tablature

Yet another easy to play guitar lick.

The first bar I play three times, in some instances performing artificial harmonics before the string bending.

In the second bar I play the first four notes palm muted. The micro bend that goes next is about 1/4-1/2 of a whole tone.

Video Example

Lick 10

Am (C)
Lick 10 - guitar tablature

Each even note in the main part of the lick is played by the pull off technique, this helps to simplifiy the picking employing only downstrokes (for the odd notes).

Despite the lick might look a bit complicated it's actually within the reach of a beginner guitar player, though some practice still requered to work out the fretting hand position changing along the fingerboard.