Playing Trills with Pick Tapping

This is an alternative way to perform trills that works well on an electric guitar. It looks quite unusual, delivers more punch, and will help you attract more attention to your playing:

Performing notes:

To make your playing look weirder in a good sense, position your fretting hand over the frets, with the palm above the guitar neck as I did in the video.

Press the string with the index finger at the 8th fret on the 1st string.

The other finger(s) can help to eliminate the unwanted noise by laying down across the strings touching them.

Now use the side of your plectrum to hammer on and pull off the string, by simply stroking it over the 10th fret (between the metal strips).

Of course you can do this trick between any frets on any string, but I find it is more convenient to tap over the 1st and the 6th one because it's so much easier to avoid accidental bumping into the nearby strings.

When performing this technique, I like to go from note to note laying within a scale that is appropriate for my improvisation with the fretting hand, while the picking hand oftentimes does not change its position on the fingerboard.

As far as I know there's no guitar tab notation specifically for trills played with the pick tapping. Of course you can always play them instead of conventional trills that are played by the fretting hand.

In printed guitar tabs those have this notation:

Guitar trill notation used in guitar tablatures
the number in the brackets tells about the position of the 2nd alternate note, the one you tap with the side of the plectrum.

In plain text tablatures they can also be marked as "tr" letters between fret numbers:


use the second number as a hint for the fret you need to tap with the side of the plectrum.