Guitar Lick #11

Cool Guitar Groove in Rock Style

This lick fits to almost any rock song and perfectly connects with other elements of guitar solo.


Guitar Tab in Am

guitar groove tablature


A few things about performance:

Each second note of the phrase is played simply by hammer on,

3rd and 4th notes are played by picking technique applying palm mute to them.

Both simultaneously played notes at 7th fret you might play with a 3rd finger as well if it's easier for you.

Combine artificial harmonics with your own taste, I applied them to a bend and next to bend note.


As you see in the video when I play with a jam track, after the groove I continue playing

improvisation consisting of two simultaneous notes on 3rd and 4th strings at 5th and 7th frets.

Simply experimeting with rhythm can bring a cool sound even by playing with a couple of notes.

I deliberately played improvisational part a bit out of the beat with some delay in order to put accent on it.