Guitar Lick #6

Guitar lick #6 - video example

The lick is played with triplet notes by alternate picking in Am key-note.
In the moments when there are two notes at the same fret on the different strings I used only
one finger to cross both strings (little barre) and pushed only certain part of the finger where 
it was necessary. (Watch fingering in the tab).
The last note of the lick I take at 15th fret on 1st string and immediately slide it to the 17th fret, 
add vibrato and slide towards the headstock.


metal guitar lick tab



50 Metal Guitar Licks You Sould Know - nice DVD for ones who like heavy style.
It actually also has pretty cool metal and alt-rock riffs, concepts and techniques as well.
The DVD includes tabs and practice rhythm tracks.
Worth 20$ in my opinion. Here are some videos from it:


  one of the riffs