Guitar Lick #14 (Calm Sweet Guitar Lick)


This beautiful lick perfectly reflects that one does not have to exercise for hours a day in

order to play tasty things and it's not really necessary to run along the fretboard like a crazy.


Guitar Tab



Tasty Lick - Guitar Tab


Just take a guitar and enjoy even if you completely beginner.

The main feature of this solo is performing whammy bar dip on a few notes where it really fits.

Big amount of delay or/and reverb effect gives kinda romantic atmosphere to the lick.


Listen sweet guitar lick



When I stroke second note of the solo at the 12th fret on the 2nd string,

after a while I slightly push the tremolo bar down and immediately release it.

The same thing I did with the 4th note of the lick.

Note that the note inside the brackets in the middle of the lick is very short,

after stroking the pick down I immediately slide to the next note at 17th fret without a picking.

And go to to the 14th fret, again without a picking, just pull off.

Overall, all this things do not require any difficult job for the right hand.

In the last long note at the 12th fret on the 3rd string I performed a series of whammy bar dips.