Guitar Lick #5 ( bending + tapping)



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Guitar lick #5 - video example


Performing the lick:

  1. I begin to perform this rock  lick by a bend note at 7th fret on 3rd string to full tone and hold it.

  2. While the bend note sounds I play tapping note with the right hand at 12th fret of the same string,

    (because the string is still bended really sounds the note 2 frets higher)

  3. Next I play pull off to 7th fret and release the bend

  4. Play pull off to 5th fret.

I continue playing the same figure by hammer on to 7th fret, bend, tapping,

pull off, release, pull off etc... some quantity of times.

When I feel like ending the lick, in the place where I release the bend at 7th fret,

I begin to release it very slowly while fast tapping a note at 12 fret with the right hand.

So appears a trill between the notes at 7th and 12th frets that slowly reduces a pitch.

And the last note I took at 5th fret by pull off, holed some time while vibrated it.