Guitar Lick #12 (little guitar solo)


Video example for  Little Fast Solo Lick


This solo begins from pretty fast pattern that I play two times,

first note in the pattern is played by a pick (at 8th fret on 1st string),

all subsequent notes are played by hammer on/pull off technique

that makes the lick easy to play even for beginners.

After these patterns I take a full bend at 8th fret on 2nd string,

and another bend at the same position but this time performing artificial harmonic and release.

Next go a couple of regular notes at 8th and 5th frets both on 2nd string,

full bend at 7th fret on 3rd string, release, pull off to 5th fret,

and the last note in the solo at 7th fret on 3rd string is an artificial harmonic,

I perform this long note with a finger vibrato for cooler sounding.



Little Fast Solo Guitar Tab