Guitar Lick #3



Rock Guitar Lick #3 - Tab


This guitar lick perfectly fits into an ending of a rock song.


Performing nuances:

In the upper line of the tab after the first 12 notes, I pick  the note at the 5th fret, immediately slide to the 7th fret, and vibrate the string for a while.


Next I perform a dip with the whammy bar and instantly slide the finger towards the guitar head.


After the unison bend in the beginning of the second line of the tab I put the right hand on all the strings before the left hand, (it helps to avoid unwanted noises while using only legato technique, in this lick only  pull offs).


In the end of the legato figure I slide the finger of the left hand somewhere towards the bridge and back, finishing up the lick with the A5 power chord.


Guitar lick #3 - video example