Weeping Bends - Minor Guitar Lick

Weeping Bends

Minor Lick


Em key-note

Minor Lick Guitar Tab

Video example for weeping bends - guitar lick

Pretty dramatic phrase, huh?

Here is the receipt:

First: there are two alternate "weeping" bends here.

Look at the bend arrow at the tab and it'll tell you

the formula of these bends:

move upward → downward → upward → delay → slower downward.

Second: here goes simple note at 12th fret on 3rd string

(you can add vibrato to your taste)

moment later I take another note octave higher at 15th fret on 1st string

but let previous note at 12th fret on 3rd string sound so they sing together.

Next I perform whammy bar diving for both these notes.

Note: for more comfort the last note in the lick you might pick with

the ring finger of the right hand instead of a pick.