Guitar Lick #13 (great classic rock figure)


Video example of classic rock lick in Em



This lick consists of four repetitions of the following figure:

I take 1st note by a pick downstroke at 12th fret on 2nd string.

2nd note of the figure is played by hammer on to 15th fret on the same string

and 3rd note is performed by pull off back to 12th fret on the same string.

On 4th note at 14th fret on 3rd string I perform upstroke with my right hand

and bend the note half-tone higher.

After playing this figure for four times I perform a full bend at 15th fret on 2nd string and add vibrato.


Cool Classic Rock Lick Guitar Tab



In order to get more appropriate sound experiment around the pickup switch.

Usually the closest to the frets pickup produce more classic rock and blues shade.

While the closest to the bridge pickup gives more cutting-edge heavy sound

and with this pickup much easier to perform harmonics.