Guitar Lick #17 (Abstractive Sounding Pre-Bending)


Abstactive PreBend Guitar Lick

Video example for Pre-Bend Abstractive Sounding Lick in Dm


In order to perform an “abstractive” Pre-Bend and Release effect do following:

    1. Without stroking the string by a pick

    silently bend a string (pre-bending) and hold the bend.

    2. While the bend is held

    Stroke the string with a pick and begin

    SLOWLY release the string.

Instead of lifting a note as with a bend, here with the Pre-Bend vice versa we're reducing  the pitch.

With  “abstractive” Pre-Bends it's often not important exact pitch from which to begin the effect.

Important thing is to arrive to the note that fits to the key of your melody.

These solo lick I played in key of D mnior.