Melodic Tapping Lick in Natural Am


Video Example of the Melodic Tapping Lick in Am


Very easy to perform beautiful solo lick.

Here my left hand doesn't move and only plays two sequential notes at 5th and 8th fret

while the right hand goes from 12th fret to 14th after to 15th fret and back, in the middle

of the repetition I go back from 15th fret to 14th after jump to 17th fret (A note) and take

a long tapping note.

I used triplet note rhythmical image. It means that duration of three notes in triplet

are equal to two regular notes.  In this pattern were used eighth notes.

Duration of a triplet eighth note is 2/3 the duration of a regular eighth note.

That means three triplet 8th notes are equal to two 8th notes duration.



Melodic Tapping Lick Guitar Tab