Rock Guitar Lesson 7

Two-Handed Tapping

Two-handed tapping is a contemporary progressive method of guitar playing    

that provides new possibilities and makes playing even very fast passages

incredibly easy.


The main principle of two-handed tapping (later just tapping) is the same as in hammer on

and pull off techniques from the 1st lesson. The difference is that here we'll use fingers of

both hands to tap and pull off strings.

You can use any finger of the right hand to tap the string.

I usually use middle finger while thumb and forefinger hold the pick, so I can easily switch from

picking to tapping and back.

To understand the concept better first just tap and hold any string with the right hand finger

as I do on the video below. Do not tap on the metal frets, tap on the room between them.




Now let's play first very easy tapping lick:


First Tapping Lick

“T” character in the tab represents tapping.

The circle around the number in the fingering area means that the note below is to be

played by a right hand finger.

1. right hand finger taps on 17th fret

2. and perform pull off to 10th fret (left hand 1st finger already stays on the 10th fret)

3. after this perform hammer on to the 12th fret with the 3rd finger of the left hand

after you get it, circle this sequence

watch video example


if to play this progression about 4 times on the 2nd string and another 4 times on

the 3rd, you'll get pretty cool lick.

It's played by triplets, 3 notes per beat.




When the idea of basic two-handed tapping is completely conceived move on and enjoy the following

tapping licks and exercises

Tapping Lick 1


Am         triplet rhythm



First time moving left hand along the fretboard can be a challenge.

When right hand finger taps the note the left hand has some time to switch the position.


Tapping Lick 1 video example





Tapping Lick 2

In this lick left hand stands all the time on the same position while right hand finger jumps along the fret


Am        triplet rhythm




Tapping Lick 2 video example

Tapping Lick 3


tapping lick #3 - tab


Each time slowly increase your pace when you feel OK with your current speed.

Off course I meant reasonable speeds, playing too fast by the way very often doesn't sound as music

and does more likely as noise.

Tapping Lick 3 video example