Rock Guitar Lesson 5

note: If you new to guitar bend technique first learn Lesson #4 (basics of bending)

here you'll learn about:

Vibrating already bent note

Pre-bend and Release

Double Stop bends

Applying vibrato to a bend note


After you mastered previous lessons guitar vibrato and basics of string bending technique

it's time to move forward combining both things together. Now you'll learn about vibrating already

bent strings.


Watch and listen a few examples of combining both of techniques together



In order to perform this trick:

first play a bend to any desirable note and while the bend is up begin to vibrate

the string by moving your fingers up and down.

Although it sounds easy, some practice required here because the fingers already have pressure of a bend.

First begin slowly vibrate bended notes, you might even use your first finger to help to vibrate string with the second one.

When you feel you gained control over the vibrato step by step begin to accelerate a pace.

Now I'll give you a few licks to play


Lick 1

Guitar Bend and Vibrato Exercise 1 tab


Guitar bend exercise lick 1




Lick 2. This lick is similar to the lick 1 from previous lesson, except the new vibrato feature at the last note.

Guitar Bend and Vibrato Exercise 2 tab


Guitar bend exercise lick 2




Also repeat guitar solo from previous lesson adding vibrato to the bending notes where you feel it fits.

By the way adding new techniques and features we learn to already good known for you licks and solos is the fastest way to progress.

Lick 3

Guitar Bend and Vibrato Exercise 3 tab

Guitar bend exercise lick 3


Lick 4. This melodious lick should be pleasant thing for ones how love ballad tunes.

Guitar Bend and Vibrato Exercise 4 tab


Guitar bend exercise lick 4



Pre-bend and Release

To perform the pre-bend (PB abbreviation in guitar tabs) first bend the string up to necessary pitch

and only after stroke it with the pick.

Usually after a pre-bend goes release of the bent string (bend down (BD) that we learned in the previous lesson).

Watch the video below for better understanding the theme


Note that bend down and release is the same thing and different tab publisher

write it as BD or simple lower case r character.

Check out an example how you can use pre-bends and releases in guitar soloing-->




Now I'd like to show you another bend related stuff:

Crunchy double stop guitar effect

Generally a double stop means the way of playing when

two separate strings are depressed ("stopped")by the fingers

and plucked simultaneously.

Relating to the bend we'll have following thing:

Guitar Bending Exercise Tablature - Double Stop

watch video

In the video I performed simultaneously bend note at 14th fret on 3rd string

(bended up to 16th fret) and additionally simple note at 15h fret on 2nd string pushed with the 4th finger (pinky)

of the left hand. (in last multiple bending scene I shifted the left hand position to 7th fret of the same strings).

The pick goes downwards and strokes both notes by one motion.

After the double stop is down play following lick to integrate new material.


Guitar Bend and Vibrato Exercise Tablature - Double Stop Lick


Watch video of the double stop lick

Guitar Solo


Guitar Tab

Bm key-note

Guitar Bend and Vibrato Lesson - Guitar Solo Tablature

Download Autumn Feelings backing track in mp3 format to the solo

Watch Video Example of the Solo

Note that first I play the solo exactly how it's written in the tab above,

insert vibrato effects where you feel it's usable.

On the repetition I begin to improvise around the solo such as we did in

the previous lessons.