Rock Guitar Lesson 3

here you'll learn and master:

guitar vibrato technique


All we know what vibrato is. Some guys

associate this word with non-musical stuffs.

Though the principle is the same.

Vibrato is a simple basic guitar

technique that gives "singing" qualities

to note.

Couple of licks with vibrating notes

Performing vibrato:

Play a note you wish to vibrate,

and begin to move your fretting hand

up and down around the fret.

First times do it slowly. Practice playing

vibrato on different frets and strings.

Watch video

You can try to move deeply, slightly, faster, slower...there are no rules here

you may move your hand in circle instead of moving it only up and down.

Dig for your own vibrato style.

You can also involve previous finger to help vibrating string see the pic above

rock guitar vibrato example

In tabs vibrato marks as
vibrato symbol symbol.

In simple tablatures made in notepad the vibrato denotation looks like a series
of upside down v letters: 
1 |-------------------------
2 |-------------------------
3 |-------------------------
4 |------3^^^^^^^^----------
5 |-------------------------
6 |-------------------------

Play following exercise vibrating each note of a blues scale.

As you see blues scale looks very similar to pentatonic scale

from the end of simple right hand picking lesson

but it has an additional note.

(at 5th fret of 5th string and at 7th fret of 3rd string)

guitar exercise

Watch video

Next goes practice material, a few special licks with vibrato notes for fixing the new material.

After learning to play them correctly we'll build a guitar solo using these licks as bricks,

feel free to make any changes to them to match to your own needs later.

Vibrato licks:

Lick 1
Vibrato Lick 1 video example
guitar vibrato lick 1
Lick 2 Vibrato Lick 2 video example
guitar vibrato lick 2

Lick3 Vibrato Lick 3 video example

guitar vibrato lick 3

Lick 4 Vibrato Lick 4 video example
vibrato lick 4

Lick 5
Vibrato Lick 5 video example
guitar vibrato lick 5

When the licks are mastered it's time to combine some of them

In this lesson we'll play ballad style guitar melodic solo.

Watch video


rock guitar solo tab

Download minus one guitar track  Click here to download


Last both notes on 4th and 5th strings we play together in the same time.

The note on the 5th string 3rd fret to be play with 1st finger.

The note on the 4th string 5th fret play with 4th finger.

Right hand plays downstroke and picks both 5th and 4th strings in one motion.

When you'll play the solo fine with no mistakes go forward,

try to improvise with the minus guitar track around the same

notes we used in the solo by alternating them and building new sequences in the solo

look for interesting phrases and ideas.

Below on the video I recorded a part of my improvisation around the track to get things cleaner.