Free Solo Rock Guitar Lessons for Beginners


At these lessons you'll find everything you need to begin playing solo on your electric guitar in one single place. The lessons organized in logical order from simplest to harder, but still allows you begin making pretty cool things right from the beginning!


They  cover essential guitar techniques such as hammer on/pull off legato technique, bending, vibrato, alternate picking, two handed tapping and more...


Each lesson includes plenty of useful exercises, licks and phrases that aimed  to develop essential solo rock guitar skills and contains pictures and videos to aid you getting things easier.

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1 Electric Guitar Parts Diagram, String, Finger Numbering and etc...
2 Rock Guitar Lesson 1 - Positioning Guitar. Pull Off and Hammer On Technique
3 Rock Guitar Lesson 2 - Simple Right Hand Picking Technique. Downbeat (downstroke)
4 Rock Guitar Lesson 3 - Vibrato Technique
5 Rock Guitar Lesson 4 - Basics of Guitar Bending
6 Rock Guitar Lesson 5 - Guitar Bend. Extention
7 Rock Guitar Lesson 6 - Alternate Picking. Part 1. Basics
8 Rock Guitar Lesson 6 - Alternate Picking. Part 2. Improving Synchronization Between Both Hands
9 Rock Guitar Lesson 6. Alternate Picking. Part 3. String Switching
10 Rock Guitar Lesson 7. Two-Handed Tapping
11 Rock Guitar Lesson 8. Use Whammy Bar to Spice Your Guitar Playing