Online Guitar Tuner


for acoustic/electric and bass guitar

Online guitar tuner is a fast and convenient way to tune your guitar,

I recommend to begin the tuning routine from Bottom E string,

moving forward by each next string at a time.

In this case you'll have less chance that tuning one string will slightly detune others,

because of whole tension change that lays down on the guitar neck.


"Tune by ear" and chromatic guitar tuner from for standard and many alternative tunings.






Other "tune by ear" tuners



Acoustic/Electric Guitar Tuner Bass Guitar Tuner


Stay in tune is important for a few reasons:


1. Playing on out of tune strings will sound crap no matter how and what you play.

2. It'll  impair your natural ear ability to recognize differences in tone pitches.


If you're don't know how to use the tuner to tune your instrument,

Check out this article: Tuning a Guitar with three different methods:


  • With Online Tuner
  • Chromatic Tuner
  • From String to String, using an audio file as a tuning fork to tune the first source string accurately.



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