Neoclassical Lick 9



Neoclassical Lick #9 - Guitar Tab


Special feature of this lick is the pausing between each four notes withing a bar,

this rhythmical image brings some action to guitar soloing.

(pay attantion: there's no pause between last and first group of notes of nearby bars, see the tab.)

In the main body of the lick  I use sixteenth notes, while  duration for the pauses are equal to two sixteenth notes.

Listen to the audio a few times to better understand the rhythm.


Watch video example


Backing track chord progression:  Am x 2 bars --> F x 2 bars


If you're serious about neoclassical guitar soloing, I recommend
The Best of Yngwie Malmsteen book +CD - a step-by-step breakdown of his guitar styles and techniques.

The book contains a series of his easy recognizable licks and phrases, in both slow and normal tempo. Tabs of blazing neoclassical solos such as Black Star, Rising Force, Trilogy Suite and more... and other useful info.