Melodic Lick in Neoclassical/Ballad Style


Video example for neoclassical/ballad solo lick in Am key-note


The lick begins by sliding from 10th fret to the note at 12th fret on 1st sring.

Notes under legato sign are played in the following sequence:

(for example under first legato sign)

I play first note at 10th fret by a pick,

instantly make an hammer on to 12th fret

and after pull off back to 10th fret. (like with a trill technique)

So two first notes under legato sign are very short

and only third note has some duration.

In the end of the lick I play the note at 7th fret on 3rd string and

after slide to the 9th fret previously striking the string by the pick.

While the last note lasts I perform a slight dip/return by the whammy bar

and vibrate the note.



Melodic Lick in Am Guitar Tab