How to Play Natural Harmonics


Instead of pushing the string between metal strips with left hand finger on the fretboard as with regular notes,
softly touch the string directly above the metal strip (the strip that located closer to pickups)

and stroke it with the right hand as usual, after the stroking immediately take off the finger of the left hand

out of the string. And you'll get bell like sound.

Playing Natural Harmonics - Left Hand watch video example


The easiest place to play natural harmonics on the fretboard is over 4th, 5th, 7th,  12th, 16th 24th  frets.

Easy to Play Natural Harmonics Locations


Almost all natural harmonics gives higher note frequency than any other regular played note.

Natural Harmonic at

real frequency

4th fret

2 octaves higher

5th fret

2 octaves higher

7th fret

1 octave higher

12th fret

same note height

16th fret

1 octave higher

24th fret

same note height


Natural harmonic over 24th fret sounds the same as natural harmonic over 5th fret.


In guitar tabs natural harmonic has following notation:

natural harmonic tab notation


In simple notepad tablatures it usually marked as a note between square brackets  <>.







Also sometimes natural harmonic can be notated as symbol "+" or N.H. letters above the tab.



Little lick to practice natural harmonic playing.

exercise - tablature


video example