Guitar Pick Trill Trick

by Pick Tapping


If you want to look different and to be fancy try alternative easy way to perform

trill technique by a pick tapping.


for example:

Position the palm of your left hand over the frets instead of usual positioning as

I did in the video below video below.

Press the string with the one of the fingers at 8th fret on 1nd string.

Other unused fingers can help to mute unused strings in order to eliminate noise.

Perform hammer on and pull off progression by the edge of a pick, simply stroking

it over the 10th fret on the same string.

Trill Symbol in Tabs - How to Play Pick Trill - Free Guitar Lesson


Pick Trill Video Example

Of course you can play the same tapping trick on any other frets and strings,

but playing a trill with a the edge of the pick is more comfortable on 1st and 6th strings

because it's easy not to hit any next strings by mistake.