Dirty Slide Trick (Motored Saw Noise)


Motored Saw Slide video example


This slide effect called dirty because it doesn't have ny concrete tone height or placement.

It's all about some kind of motored saw noise.

Performing effect:
1. Put a heel of your right hand finger at any fret close 
to guitar head on lower string.

2. Perform a pull off with your left hand  from any fret

that higher than where the right hand finger stays.

(like in cross hand tapping position) 

3. After the pull,
immediately slide the right hand 
towards about 12th - 20th fret and without pausing
slide back to the guitar head.

Experiment around speed and acceleration.

This effect perfect matches with single chords. First goes dirty slide effect and while the right hand performs the slide the left hand takes chord position. Somewhere on the way when the right hand returns back to the guitar head it strokes the chord with a pick.

Watch video example


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