Guitar Rake Lesson


Guitar Rake is a little trick that creates scraping sounding before a note,

so the note  gets special aural attention.


Listen to rake guitar effect in the composition

On the first note of the solo, at the 4th second.

How to perform guitar rake:

1. Put the edge of the palm of your picking hand near the bridge, slightly pressing against the strings,

like when playing Palm Mute notes

Guitar Rake Lesson (Right Hand Action)

2. Put your index finger of the left hand across the strings

in order to muffle them, no pressure necessary.

With any other available finger press the string at the fret where the note that you're gonna play

right after the rake located.

Guitar Rake Explanation (Left Hand Action)


3. Scrape down the pick via the muted strings (like in sweep picking) towards the note you're about to play, and with the same motion pick this note. (without muting it)


how to rake on guitar


All three steps are performed as one solid motion. It may looks a bit tricky in the beginning

but  isn't in action.


The video below will help you to  get the idea clearly.


So when you scrape across the muted strings creates scratching sound effect and when the pick is approaching the string where the note you wish to play is, you need to release the palm of the picking hand out of the strings so the note will  sound clean.



In guitar tabs rake marked as a few diagonally aligned X symbols.

Examples of licks where was used guitar rake:

Melodic Ballad Lick

Blues-Rock Lick

Neoclassical Lick #5

Rake notation used in guitar tabulatures (tabs)


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