Whammy Bar Dive Trick and Return to a Power Chord


Video example for  whammy bar dive and return to Power Chord electric guitar trick



  1. Take a pull off to any note.

    (espessialy cool it rings on lower strings. I played it on open 6th string.)

  2. Deeply dive the whammy bar

    (on the lower strings you'll get motorcycle like roar).

  3. Release the whammy bar and in the end of releasing

    play any desirable power chord only by hammer on technique.

  4. (I played G5 on the video).

Dip Whammy Bar Trick

Right hand doesn't participate in any picking here so it remains on the lever all the time

it makes this trick incredible easy to perform, you also can add some tremolo bar vibration or series of dips to the power chord.